Saturday, February 23, 2013


Cancerversary is actually a word that people in the cancer circles use. Ever since I heard it, I've been confused about it because I certainly don't want to celebrate any date involving cancer. Also, there are so many dates: the day I felt a suspicious lump; the day of my bad mammogram after which a doctor told me with 99.9% certainty that I had cancer; the day of the actual biopsy results proving that he was right; having the mastectomy which allegedly removed the cancer; finishing chemo; finishing radiation. Do I acknowledge all of them?

However, as this time of year has approached, February 24, 2012 is the date that resonates the most in my mind. I went into that mammogram thinking it was a three hour pass away from the kids. Quick doctor's appointment, then some grocery shopping sans herding cats through the aisles. I left that appointment having to concentrate on breathing in and out and putting one foot in front of the other.

Whether I will call February 24 my cancerversary remains to be seen. I'm trying to think of a better name. Suckity-suck day? Ninety-nine point nine percent sure day? Eat a brownie sundae day? Let me know if you think of a good name and I'll use it.

If it wasn't for the events of February 24, 2012, though, I wouldn't have started this blog. As you may have noticed, the blogging has tapered off recently. Maybe it's because life is pretty much normal, but there is a bit to tell. Stay tuned over the next few days to hear about how my life has changed since finishing my active cancer treatment.

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