Thursday, August 16, 2012

Early Poll Results Show...

That it was a bad poll.

After posting that poll about 24 hours ago, this blog had 225 page views and I received 13 votes in the poll (less than 6%), one of them being Paul who was helping me by testing out whether the poll worked. And my Facebook link to the blog post had 0 comments and 0 likes, when they usually are in the double digits.

So now I know that people like us are not so good at making decisions like this. Time to refer back to the doctors.

I did get some good ideas of questions to ask Dr. Alpert tomorrow based on some of your comments. Thank you for being here for me, friends! I'll let you know what she says and the final decision as soon as I make it.

Wanna do a more fun poll now?

When Shari's hair grows back, it will be (choose as many as you like): free polls 

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