Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Title of This Blog

When Dr. Montgomery was giving me my pathology results, in the same minute that he confirmed that I have breast cancer, he went on to tell me,  "The cells are grade 2, and I'd feared they'd be grade 3, so that's good." He also said,"Your estrogen and progesterone receptors are positive, and that's good," and "Everything else came out negative, so you don't have to worry there."

Then Dr. Cooper gave me the flattering news that I don't have enough fat in my tummy to use for new boobies, so I'd have to get silicone. Talk about finding a way to cheer up a woman when she's down: Medical evidence that I'm not too fat.

And when Dr. Alpert (Danielle's mom) called to go over the pathology report, she confirmed Dr. Montgomery's news and included such encouraging details as, "The satellite lesions are in the same quadrant of the breast as the original one, so that's good" and "If you're going to have cancer, the right breast is better because it's further from the heart."

I know that these are all doctors who want me to have faith in their profession and continue on my aggressive line of treatment, but in general, they are giving me the impression that I have The Best Breast Cancer Ever! Aren't you jealous?

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