Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holy Moly, the Support is Overwhelming

Since I took a deep breath and shared my news via email and Facebook, the support has been amazing. As of about 7:00 last night, there was more activity on my Facebook wall than on the day of my birthday, which is quite an accomplishment since FB actually reminds people to post about a birthday. And this blog's chart of the traffic went from measuring in increments of 10 to measuring by 100s. So my lesson to you is that if you want to feel loved and hear from great friends from years' past, get cancer.

Seriously, my real hesitation was that I would tell someone and they would cry or get all worried and I'd have to cheer *them* up. But everyone followed my ground rules and I've received so much advice and encouragment. Did you know that I'm a rock star? I certainly didn't.

For the update about me: I am able to get around the house pretty well and was a passenger in the car while driving Maggie to school yesterday. But this morning I woke up feeling weak and dizzy, so maybe I should work on eating more despite my lack of appetite. At the hospital, they were bringing me meals so I picked at them because they were there. Here, I choose when and what to eat, so I need to get myself on a schedule.

I have been debating whether I want to call Dr. Cooper this week to find out the pathology report in advance of our meeting next Monday. Do I want to know how many more of the lymph nodes had cancer in them and just sit on that information? I asked Paul, and though he initially said he didn't have an opinion, we reasoned it out that it doesn't really affect what we know is coming: chemotherapy and possibly radiation. Since we don't know anything (yet) about the different types and levels of drugs there are, we don't need to know right now. I'm bracing for the worst (like, all of the lymph nodes had cancer in them and we have to scan your body for where else the cancer may have gone) but hoping for the best. Either way, once we know, we'll be ready to treat it.

So for now, I'm just going to heal from the surgery and wait until Monday to take the next steps.

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